Let’s Roll the Foreign Roads on Indian Driving Licence


Nothing is more ingenious to get to drive anywhere you want that too with your own conveyance. You are the master of your own journey, drive as long as your want, take halt for as long as you want to. If you witness any picturesque location amid your journey, stop and enjoy some selfie-time. How exciting… ehhh? My personal view on road trips…. Hell Yes! You won’t believe but there are some foreign countries who imprimatur you to drive with your Indian Licence. Isn’t it worth giving a bright grin? What could be more adventurous than driving through the foreign roads and exploring the long-way journey? Let’s hear about the countries which are courteous enough to do so.


What could be more fascinating than driving through the beautiful country roads? What is needed to be done is, you have to have a valid Indian driver’s licence and you are free to roam around the German roads. But make sure you have a German translation of licence and you are good to go. I’m already drooling over the idea!

United States of America

You won’t believe your eyes, I know. But it’s true; to drive through the most sophisticated roads of times on your Indian driving licence. Your licence should be in English and valid for almost a year and USA will open up their roads for you.


Let your licence be translated to French as it is mandatory plus it should be valid for a year at least. Drive through the plush architect in Paris and the laid back plains of southern France. France is known for its cheese, wine and beauty, of course. What is keeping you from one such road trip? Get Set Go!

Great Britain

If you want to experience a countryside trip straddled along with the crisp-fresh morning air, then nothing is better that the road trip in Great Britain. The Great Britain allows its visitors to drive through the country roads on their Indian driving licence, but it has its own rule. You can only drive certain vehicles like motor bikes or small motor vehicles.


Perfect place for road-trip maniacs as it offers New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory if you carry your valid driver’s licence. The northern territory of Australia lets you drive for only three months but that’s OK, till the time it’s your own vehicle to explore the place with.


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