UK government freezes assets of Dawood Ibrahim after assisted by Indian government


The assets of India’s most wanted underworld kingpin Dawood Ibrahim’s was seized by the British Government. The worth of the assets summed up to $ 6.7 billion. The Indian don goes by 21 different aliases and has a bounty of $ 25 million on his head. Dawood is probably the second richest kingpin after Pablo Escobar. He is the main accused in the infamous Mumbai 1993 serial blasts case.

The consolidated list released by the United Kingdom Treasury Department regarding the Financial Sanctions Targets was updated previous month and Dawood’s name popped up in it. The list showed three addresses of Dawood in Pakistan. It includes a huge property named as The White House at the vicinity of the Saudi Mosque. The mosque is situated in the seaside of Clifton, Karachi. On demanding proper information regarding his presence, Pakistan has always denied the claim.

The list also suggests that he has become an associate and one of the main funders of the Al-Qaida operations. The US Treasury Department has already declared him as a global terrorist back in the year 2013. The sanctions cease any kind of fund transfer to the enlisted names and also intend to freeze all assets in the UK belonging to those enlisted persons.

The massive crackdown initiated by the UK has been possible after India provided a dossier in 2015. In the month of January this year, the United States of Emirates may have also seized the assets belonging to the notorious kingpin.

Dawood’s activity is being tracked by the Indian intelligence since the serial blasts in Mumbai in 1993. His whereabouts are not confirmed but it is believed that the mastermind is in Pakistan and has funded a lot of terror acts with the ISI, Pakistan’s spy department. Being recognized as a global terrorist, it has become hard for the kingpin to move around and conduct his activities.


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