Men Playing Mute Flute of Appetency


“Men wear pants but women control the zipper.”

Men have desires but they control their Lipper.

Men are combust with desires and so are women, what makes them any different then? Women usually spill the beans regarding their likings and disliking but on the other hand, men force shut themselves from letting any desire even peep from the corner of their tongue. Why? Because they think any extra-demand will make them sound like a pervert. Keeping this context in mind, they zip their lips. Have a look on what they desire and are afraid to give them a voice.

  • Men are crazy about having sex, always up for it but sometimes they want a sizzle in the menu, something they could drool for.
  • Lying in bed together for hours, we discuss anything to everything, sometimes they want their lady to talk dirty to them, and this is a big turn on for them.
  • They find it pleasurable if any kind of research done on their body, and would want you to be handy enough with the blow job but they feel embarrassed to speak their heart out.
  • Sometimes they want you to take the command in your hands and take the lead while they relax down there consuming all the pleasure.
  • Play dirty with them, tog yourself up and go out somewhere and in an alluring way tell him you got nothing inside your little dress. This would emaciate them instantly.
  • Break the routine and try something new. Rather than taking a shortcut take an alternative route that is exciting and enticing at the same time. Either route will lead you to the destination so it’s no harm in reaching a bit late.
  • Keep the conversations open; ask about their fantasies and what they most fanaticize about?
  • Men are not that lucky with having boobs but they do have many other erogenous zones that could turn them on forthwith. A kiss on their ear, the trail leading to their neck could make them hard and needy.

Men won’t say things on their own but you have to keep looking for the signs they will guide you with on a day to day basis. They believe in ultimate pleasure for them as well as their partner, so always keep the gates open for conversation.


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