So You Think He Can Romance


When you are into this brand new relationship and your head and heart sync together to commemorate your new relationship into your happily ever after. The first thing that clicks your mind is whether this person will nail it in the bed or not. Every girl comes with this reverie once in her lifetime; after all it’s a matter of lifetime. There are some signs which directly tell about how his performance would be in bed.

  • A guy’s hand gesture says a lot more than just the gesture. The strokes he make, the trails he tread with his fingers and the way he touches you will give way to your dilemma.

  • Nail biting is actually the work of people who push themselves to extremes, this theory works with their love too. They are said to be great lovers.

  • If he smells…. mmmm…. heavenly, he will really be a complementary for you as good smell indicates attraction.

  • Body language speaks for itself. If he avoids prolonged eye contact, sits with his hands crossed, seems he is not into any commitment thing.

  • His looks and how he carries himself portrays a lot how well he would do in bed. He would be more concerned about his looks in the mirror and he might be overly critical of you, how you look and what you do in bed.

  • If he’s a great dancer than probably he would have variety of moves to unravel in bed too.

  • Look if he stands with shoulders back and tummy in or has a good posture than surely the person is confident about his actions.

  • If he speaks more than one language, he surely believes in intelligence and effort. He works hard for rewards, a bonanza attribute to savour in long term.

Take a good look on every move he makes and you can easily depict how good he could be beneath the sheets.


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