The mesmerizing beauty of Assam tea estates


When the topic of discussion is about tea estates, the ones in Assam cannot be outsmarted by any other option. The charisma of the tea estates in Assam enchants every tourist hailing from various parts of the world.

The panoramic green heaven is worth visiting. Once witnessed, it is hard to forget the beauty that enthralls a visitor whenever he remembers it. In 1826, the British signed a treaty with the then Burmese rulers of Assam. Eventually, the power was dethroned and Assam became an inseparable part of India. Since then, Assam has been a matter of pride for the country.

The splendor of the state was maintained well by the British rulers. Till date, the old tea estates reflect their vintage beauty and attract a lot of admirers from every corner of the world.

William Ewart Gladstone said

“If you are cold, tea will warm you;
If you are too heated, it will cool you.
If you are depressed, it will cheer you;
if you are excited, it will calm you.”

Those words exude truth about the Assam tea and its estates. The estates welcome the tourists and open gates for an unforgettable getaway. The green-carpeted valleys and hillsides with lush tea gardens, touched by the clouds, will offer a mesmerizing view that no one can afford to miss. The tea estates that offer a beautiful destination for tourists to enjoy the enchanting ambiance of Assam are:


  • Kaziranga Golf Resort,
  • Banyan Grove,
  • Mistry Sahib’s Bungalow,
  • Thengal Manor, Jalukonibari


  • Chang Bungalows


  • Wild Mahseer, Addabarie Tea Estate

Tourists often visit here for a perfect rejuvenation time. Sipping the best tea decoction in the world, imbibing the bewitching beauty of the lofty hills and watching relentless workers moving their hands on the shrubs picking leaves will leave everyone spellbound.


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