It is not just a Doggy Thing


The pleasure, the pain, the intense penetration and the frenetic way to enjoy it, makes it the most loved type of position. What am I talking about? I am actually describing the doggie style. The style may be called doggie but most couples are found performing it as it offers up lots of benefits so you can get rolling and to keep rolling. Sis you know that there are some hidden facts about this very position.

  • Doggie style is illegal in Washington DC. So if you perform it there, make sure you don’t get caught or keep yourself from doing it.

  • As the position gives way to dig a little too deep, it could be a bit painful in the beginning to make room for smooth penetration.

  • It seems pretty popular yet the National Survey of Family Growth found that only 44% of men and 36% of women have done it successfully.

  • It’s not just about getting on four legs like doggy but improvisation may be done too. Like froggy, downward doggy and reverse cowgirl.

  • Men are found to love it most as it gives them a far bigger room perform it.

  • This style certainly awakens lady parts and hit the G-spot which could result in multiple orgasms.

  • It is not recent time invention but ancient Greeks and Romans have artwork and literature that expounds this style. In those times, this position was called “coitus more ferarum,” which broadly translates to ferocious boning.

  • A Roman philosopher Lucretius recommended this style for the ladies who want to conceive but there is no medical evidence of it.

  • Many music people favoured this style by bringing it up in their rap and hip-hop debuts, Snoop Dog- G’z up, hoes down, Dr. Dre’s- The Chronic, Ain’t No Fun and over 1600 songs truly refer the position.

  • Even though it is named as Doggy Style but most of the organisms from kingdom Animalia do indulge in this position like horses, elephants and bears.


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