Things to do this autumn with your better half


The season of love is upon us. The winter is slowly setting in and the monsoon clouds are fading away. Now is the time to rekindle your love and enjoy the cozy outdoors with your better half. Below is the list of things you can do this autumn and see life in a different way.

  1. Camping

An outdoor weekend is the best way to bond with nature and redefine love with your soul mate. The colors of the flora will dramatically change. Enjoy the bright foliage in a scenic camping site.

  1. Visit a crop field

This time of year, the crops will be getting ready for harvest. Visit a cornfield in the bright day and enjoy the sun setting in the horizon. Wandering in the fields amidst crops will add a natural vibe in your love.

  1. Visit an outskirt city

Go far away from the hustle of the city. Visit a nearby town or a village and mix with the natives. Wander in the forest full of colorful trees and enjoy the cozy warm sun.

  1. Wine tasting

It is the right time to enjoy a wine tasting event. Enjoy the vineyards and taste some exotic wines together to make the most out of the day.

  1. Go for a game

Whether you like football or baseball, go for an outdoor sports game. Live the live thrill with the dancing fans and enjoy the game with your better half.

  1. Visit an orchard

Visiting an orchard full of fresh fruits will surely light up your day. Pick fresh fruits from the orchard and imbibe the juicy freshness.

  1. Hike or trek

Pack your bags and go for a hike or a trek together. Camping at night will also rekindle your love in a special way. Spending the night below the stars will give a celestial feeling in your romance.

Choose the one that fits your taste and enjoy the autumn.


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