Eman Ahmed, world’s most dubbed woman, passes away in Abu Dhabi


By Somya Bansal

After Eman, 37, had been in Abu Dhabi ever since she left Mumbai in May. She came to India for her weight-loss surgery in Saifee Hospital where the doctors claim that she lost more than 300 kgs after the operation.

The Egyptian woman weighed around 500 kgs before undergoing the surgery in India. With a proper liquid diet, the doctors were preparing her for a bariatric surgery when the whole controversy took place. Not being satisfied with the results, Eman’s sister accused the hospital of using Eman for publicity which was denied by the doctors at the Saifee hospital and pointed out that the hospital didn’t charge them even a minimum amount for the surgery.

Dr Muffazal Lakdawala supervised her proceedings at the Saifee hospital and said, “We have not asked for a single penny from Eman’s family. We are happy that we did bring her weight down”.

After leaving Mumbai, Eman was taken to Abu Dhabi’s VPS Burjeel hospital for her physiotherapy and has been there ever since. A team of 20 doctors was supervising her daily progress and reports which helped her live a healthy and stable life. Unfortunately, Eman’s stable life came to an end. The Burjeel hospital’s doctors even said that she was showing positive recovery so much so that she coud’ve used an electric chair on her own. But due to her heart diseases and kidney dysfunction, Eman passed away this morning.

Eman had to quit school after Standard 5 due to her thyroid issues and the side effects it had on her. After various attempts were made by the world reknown doctors, Eman’s sister started an online campaign which caught the eyes of Dr. Lakdawala after which she was brought to India.


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