Top 5 Finest Resorts In and Near Mumbai


By Madhusree Chowdhury

Mumbai, which is commonly, rather popularly known as ‘The City of Dreams’-‘Swapno ka Saher’ is the largest and the busiest city in India. Mumbai is actually the business centre of our country, where every day thousands of people come from all over India and even overseas. Millions of people come to this place with millions of dreams, every moment innumerable dreams are knitted up and innumerable dreams even get fractured. But still nobody has ever ceased to come here to make their fortune.

They come here for different purposes like business transactions, meetings, educations, treatments and even just for holidaying. A trip to Mumbai is definitely something everyone would cherish for the entire lifetime. There so many places to visit in and around Mumbai, like- Haji Ali Dargah, Gateway of India,Chhatrapati Shivaji Meusseum, Siddhivinayaka Mandir, Kanheri Caves, Elephanata Caves, Elephanta Island, Lonavala, Pune, Goa, Mahabaleswar and many more.

The first thing that everybody will need, whether they visit the city for official purpose or for a trip with family or friends, is a good place to stay. A classy, decent place with good food, accommodation and necessary amenities is always demanded by someone. So here, in this article, 5 finest resorts in Mumbai with every possible facility that worth the price is being listed for everyone who is planning to come or already is in the city.

  1. Fariyas Resort– This is one of the 5 finest resorts in Mumbai which definitely worth the expenditure. It gives all the necessary things to its visitors at a first class level and in addition to the delight is the view of the Frichley Hills from the resort’s rooms. It has a fitness center, pub, and sauna and business center in it.

  1. Machan Resort– Situated at a distance of 2.5 hours drive from Mumbai, Machan resort is the best tree house resort in Mumbai area. It is a luxury eco-friendly resorts that has the tree houses at a height of 40-45 feet above the ground. It provides with a evening open air fir camp and yoga sessions along with many other super class facilities.

  1. Palm Beach Resort– A perfect hideout from the hassle of the city life for a couple days. Not only this, Palm Beach Resort also acts a great business stay and having a peaceful conference session with important delegates. Located by the sea beach, it genuinely provides a serene and tranquil atmosphere to stay in. Play center, business/conference center, fitness club are some of the many amenities available.

  1. Farm Regency Resort– A perfect place to chill and relax in the weekend. Farm Regency serves multiple water slides, rain dance, DJ nights to its visitors. With its mouth watering dishes and ‘soothing-the nerves’ drinks, it is indeed one of the 5 finest resorts in Mumbai.

  1. Fonsecas Beach Resort– Situated amidst the hills and the paddy fields, Fonsecas Beach resort is nothing but the best stay for everyone, who comes to visit the city or drop here for business purpose or even an inhabitant of the city, who is searching a secluded place for a peaceful weekend. Even anyone can book this resort for hosting a lavish ceremony or function.


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