Crime chimes the Clime of Human Behaviour


By Afrin Fatima

Crime comes with no face and identity and it is not even bound to any time zone. It will happen when it is to happen. Criminals basically look for easy targets to invade. While there is no way you can look into someone’s mind and predict their actions but you can assure things on your end, and protect yourself from an unalarming threat. Criminals first look for the easy target, and what makes you an easy target. Let’s have a look,

  • Health is important for everyone and you too should keep your weight in check. Jogging helps with burning a lot of fat but ear-plugged ears could possibly cut you off from the surroundings as you are shutting yourself off from your hearing capability and that could lead to an ambush.

  • Talking on phone or texting while walking or being in a public place is a good idea to churn some calories but it also keeps you engrossed in the conversation and you don’t take notice of anything out of the way happening around you.

  • Taking your kids to parks and playgrounds to have some fun with kids is a good idea. But where there are more kids, there will be more parents too. Don’t indulge into conversations with other parents and distract yourself from keeping an eye on your kids. Maybe the couple you are talking to came in a group to abduct your child while distracting you.

  • While taking a public conveyance to work, don’t keep your belongings aside and keep your nose in newspaper or book, but keep your briefcase and bag between your legs or in hands.

  • Do not walk out of shopping complex with both hands occupied with shopping bags; always keep one hand free to fend yourself if anything happened. If someone offers help to unburden you by taking some of your bags, don’t take it out of courtesy. That help could flee with your bags and you would be left stunned.

  • While walking on the side of road, always keep the bags you are holding in the hand which is not at the side of road.

These are some little habits to follow and you would be safe from being the easy target.


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