Don’t make a Mess while in Bed


By Afrin Fatima

It’s good to make mistakes and learn from them but to repeat them even after is called stupidity. Mistakes seem to be the stumbling stones in everyone’s life and we should immediately take lesson from them to avoid further gruesome events from happening. Same is the scenario when it comes to making mistakes in bed and regretting them thereafter. A silly blunder could become a life-long guilt. So check out the list of things not to do or say while in bed

Mostly girls have fantasies about making love as well as the aftermath; they have some expectations and want their partner to fulfil them. It is good to indulge in some cuddling and talking about the combust you just experienced before going to sleep. The aftermath is really an important deal for females.

You both are well aware that the weather in your bed is quite heated up, so any faux pas can cool down the temperature soon enough. Keep yourself from arguing about anything amidst having sex, don’t do anything silly that could turn your off. It would lead to sleep hard and dry or wet and wanting.

One wrong move could hit the sensitive point and the entire night will just go regretting that move.

Show your excitement as it is the biggest turn on to your partner. Because dull sex means a lack of interest and your partner could take the dullness seriously.

The all-time initiating partner wants the other also to show the enthusiasm of participating in turning him on. Both should take turns to initiate.

If your partner is very much into having sex then don’t show a red signal but be ready to participate as it keeps the passion fired up.

Never-ever-ever let the passion get turned-off because your partner, in the attempt of making you go wild, made you mad instead. If your partner made you go mad, then return the favour by going wild on them too, it will be sickening for your partner if you lay your hands off them.


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