Planning to come on a safari to India? Here are things you must keep in mind


By Madhusree Chowdhury

The Indian Subcontinent is a top favourite among tourists while planning for a safari. There are so many places to visit- from the natural reserves at Dooars to the dense jungles in Madhya Pradesh, India has a lot to offer to those looking for an adventure in the woods. But like any place you wish to visit, you must first do your research, and this is your opportunity to know about all the places you must go when going on a safari in India.

  • Bandhavgarh National Park in Madhya Pradesh

There is no place better to go on a safari than in Madhya Pradesh. Cradled in the arms of the Vindhyan Mountains, this national park has the pride of sheltering the largest number of tigers in our country.

Apart from tigers, this park is also home to a large variety birds, 250 species to be specific, The park also hosts around 80 different butterfly species and various other migratory birds.

  • Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan

This is one of the most famous national parks in India and takes second place when going for a safari in India. This happens to be the only place in the country where tigers are seen openly basking in the sunlight without worrying about their human predators.

  • Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh

The dense forests of Madhya Pradesh provide ample shelter to various species. This is one of the various jewels that Madhya Pradesh provides us with. The national park stretches over 940 square kilometres of land and is coated with Sal trees and various other trees.

These are one of the top three places you should definitely visit if you are planning a safari visit to India for a safari.


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