The Lost Treasure


By Afrin Fatima

The most we have had heard of treasure is in video games and cartoons series but it do exist in real. The lost treasures remind us the movies like National Treasure, Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. True it is that the lost treasures give us a bewitching thrill and surely they are covered up with the historic mysteries which are yet waiting to be uncovered. Google Earth leaves no such inch which is unexplored but there are some famous treasures that are demanding to be discovered. Such treasures are

King John’s Jewels

The ancient history says that an unpopular King in the year 1216 was travelling with his men and on his journey he fell ill and during the troop was crossing the Wash, a high tide hit them and everyone and everything was gone with the tide. It is said that the King possessed rare and valued jewels which are still untraceable.

Flor De La Mar

It was a 400-ton Portuguese carrack that sank in the Strait of Malacca in 1511 along with one of the largest treasures of times that sank too. Mostly treasure hunting seems a bit unreal but this one is even documented and is yet to be found.

The Tomb of Genghis Khan

The first and the most legendary ruler of Mongol Empire was Genghis Khan. The place of his burial is quite a mystery as history says he was buried along with the riches and is buried in a secret tomb. He died in 1227 and his people hid him to rest in a tomb.

Spain’s Treasure Fleet

The 1715 treasure fleet is a dream come true treasure. A troop of 11 ships took off for Cuba which were filled with gold, silver, emerald and pearls. The fleet left before the hurricane season to avoid the pirates but after some days due to heavy storm the ships kissed the labyrinth of sea. 7 out of 11 have been located but a very small amount of treasure is found.

Faberge Eggs

This is yet another mystery of Romanov. The Romanovs loved Faberge and purchased two eggs each year from him. In his life span, he collected 50 eggs and out of which 8 are missing. These Imperial Faberge Eggs would sell for around 9 million dollars. Faberge eggs are made with precious stones, expensive metals and precise engineering.

The Amber Room

Amber room as it sounds was a well decorated room with precious and semi-precious jewels. It was a room that glistened with the glitter of those classic jewels and the room would have a worth of around 200 million dollars. Nazi Germans stole it during the World War II and it was with them for some time and then disappeared.


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