A Gentleman in Public and Master in bed: Perfect Combo


By Afrin Fatima

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”

Sex is as important and healthy for human beings as it is eating and staying healthy. The most important thing that a great sex follows is a great partner in bed. None comes with a PhD in Kama Sutra. Instead, it is a slow and on-going process and it wears on with time and experience. Every person needs a sexually compatible partner who can match up the tendency to get laid and actually enjoy it. A great sex partner believes in healthy, fun and satisfying sex which is mutually pleasurable. Some experts have their expertise in discovering qualities of a treacherous sex-partner.

He will be open to the bold conversations regarding the likings and disliking in bed and what could feel good and what should be left at bay. This conversation would help you build intimacy and good sexual chemistry.

Taking charge of his own orgasms makes him just perfect in bed; this trait is kind of hot and a big turn on. To know your own body and to garble it according to your pleasure is highly erotic.

He will take notice of every detail happening in the moment and his mind won’t wander off or if the television is on, he won’t watch it amidst having sex. He would play with your body and go wild with every move you make.

As we grow up, our activities change with time and we evolve. So does our sexual desires. A great sex partner will keep you bemused by trying new things rather than sticking to the routine. He will talk to you in this context and will implement it in bed.

Great sex is all about the ebbs and flows of the motion and the one great at that will always take things confidently in bed whether it is the dominating part or being flexible and secure with the moves.

Sex and all related to it is a never ending thing. It too keeps evolving with time and new things get added to the book of Kama Sutra. To have a partner who is great and improvising when it comes to sex is bliss. They are not afraid to share laughs, try crazy position and always up for something new.


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