Blake and Ryan are Live and Stereo to match our Relationship Goals


By Afrin Fatima

If you are in a relationship and are truly inspired to get married to the one you love dementedly. Then the inspiration you got for the idea would definitely have come from the outside. When we indulge in some serious relationship and want to tag that with marriage, we surely look out for some inspiration to have a happy life ahead. Celebrities are all dipped in glamour from tip to toe, and the only time they feel human is when they shine out their non-celeb side.

The way couples post their weird, funny and ridiculous selfies on social world that makes us to drool over the fun they actually have together. It instantly clicks our mind, “Couple ho toh aisa!!” One such cute and adorable couple who is always up with jokes and memes and funny interviews is Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively. They have this spicy sense of humour which you would never see coming. Their relationship and love for each other is their top-most priority that makes them a supportive couple.

Ryan made fatherhood look even lovelier with the way he shared his experience with the first look at his baby.

Blake and Ryan celebrated Father’s Day by posting his photo with their daughter which was captioned with, “Since the day our baby was born, I’ve felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father.”

The way they both look at each other when pose for the paparazzi, they get lost in their own world of admiration. Awwww… That’s so adorable.

Their home was banned to use the word “Dada,” as Blake wanted the first words of their baby to be “Mama.” She was caught saying in one interview that whenever she was out of the room Ryan used to say Da-da – Da-da but as she gets in the room it changes to Ma-ma – Ma-ma.

The time when Ryan called Blake “The Beyonce” of Red Carpet. If a man calls his lady Beyonce of Anything, that’s a big complement.

He was found saying in an interview that “The most interesting thing about me is her.” Common, this is something really laud to say about someone and this man is literally in love with Blake.

They pay tribute to original dream duo Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski by editing their pictures with their faces.

Smiling and posing for the paparazzi and looking at each other exactly the same time as their actions were just synced and they knew exactly what they both were thinking at that time.

They are evidently the most iconic couple to look up to, for the relationship goals who love to mock each other, telltale their craziness and jealousy, and are just perfect at winning hearts.


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