How to Say ‘NO’ To Bullying


By Madhusree Chowdhury

Bullying or ragging in any institution is a bad deed. The person bullying feels he is greater than his fellowman and that he/she can do anything with anyone. Bullies are not respected in any environment be it in school, college or work. It also affects the person getting bullied in various ways. Some go into depression, mental shock and in some extreme cases suicide.

How to Handle Office Bullies

It is commonly believed that bullying and ragging stop after school and college but there are many cases where people have been bullied in offices as well. Even though it is not expected from fully grown adults to bully other people in the same office but it seems some people just do not reach maturity. So if you feel you have been bullied in office by any senior etc. here are some ways to handle them: –

  1. Have Limits: – Everyone has their limits and if the bully crosses the line then one should have a direct face to face conversation about his actions. Show the bully that he is affecting the lives of other people and make it clear what actions you are willing to put up with and what not.
  2. Confrontation: – If he takes things too far then have a direct confrontation with him regarding the matter. Hurt him in your own ways and always remember he is not invincible.
  3. Documentation: – If confrontation does not work then ask someone to record his action on their phones and upload it on various social media. If required show the video or pictures to senior officials so that they can take the relevant actions.
  4. Form allies: – If you have other coworkers who are also affected by the same bully then combined effort of confrontation of documentation can drive the bully away at times.
  5. Reporting to higher authorities: – When things go absolutely out of hand then please report all the actions of the bully with proof to the HR or any authority so that they can take necessary actions against the bully

In any work environment, everyone deserves to work in peace to maximize their efficiency. So if there is a bully in your life do not hesitate to take necessary actions or else you are the one to lose.


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