Bend the knee-Take a Ring out of your Pocket-Tell her you Love Her….. No it’s not that Easy!


By Afrin Fatima

Falling in love is the most beautiful thing to witness and experience in this world. Nothing could compare the feeling that a heart feels when in love. Everything around seems so loveable and impeccably perfect. It is a saying, “Love conquers all.” It is true because it gives you the ginger to pour out your feelings to the one you’re in love with. To propose, to confess your love is the most impalpable thing to do. Every human being comes with different thinking process and different ways to express their love, some of the epic ways to propose your love are:

If you are into long-distance thing, talk about the imaginary world, where you picked her up from her place with a blind fold and took her to someplace that she would love to be at that point of time. Ask her to take off the blind fold, she would look at you only to find you on your knee with a big diamond in your hand. Trust me, she will be in tears after your narration to walk her through the imagination.

Choose a special day to spill the beans, take her out for a scrumptious dinner, talk to the manager out there, when the dessert comes your way, ask to hide the ring in her dessert and let it to be served to her. While talking, while taking bite, while spooning the dessert, she will get to in anyway, you just have to wait and let it happen. Patiently. When it does happen, you will see her expressions changed.

As people are going internet savvy these days, it’s a good idea to design a web page or info graphic or a video that includes your journey till now, with depicting how happy you both are together or how good you work as a team or how compatible you are for her. When the design is complete, send her link to the page and wait for her reply or call.

If you are good with penning down your emotions quite well and your words could do the magic, write an array of poems, let’s take for a week, keep sending the poem along with her favourite chocolate and a rose for next 6 days. Let the romance build with each passing day. On the 7th day, meet her in person and hand her a bouquet and pour your heart out with all your feelings and how happy she makes you.

These are some ways to propose your girl. Choose that best suits you and let love take you and your partner to cloud 9 with all the happiness and love and care.


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