Co-ordinating your love with a Co-worker


By Afrin Fatima

Wait what? You set your eyes on the new guy in office!! Ohh dear, you’re not going to take this further, no first level or second, nothing. You know it well how office-love ends up. It’s miserable, totally unacceptable. I don’t want to see you sulking in your sheets afraid to go manage your spreadsheets. You know how risky it is, you are just putting yourself and that guy in a very dangerous situation. What if the risk reaches to jeopardise your post or, or if things didn’t work for you, you make your mind to leave the job because you can’t face him every day. I am saying it’s a bad move, wrong decision.

Relax Susie, those days are long gone when it was a “not-done” to date a co-worker but as long as you conduct yourself professionally, things are good. Let me tell you how?

I am just into that guy, that doesn’t make it a mutual thing. I still need a confirmation from his side.

  • If things go right and he too shows his interest in me, first and foremost, I will take it as an office thing, like getting into work related talks, hanging out in office canteen and taking small breaks to take a walk-talk to water coolers, and sort of things.

  • It is really a plus point that we both are co-workers and are on the same project, I would get a closer look to his behaviour and personality. It surely will make things a lot easier.

  • I will pass the hints of our mingling to the superiors to keep ourselves at bay.

  • The office pays me for the work I do there, not to date some guy, so the main focus in office will be my work obviously.

  • I will not let my team mates to jump into my relationship, or it will just mess things up.

  • I will maintain my identity by doing my things, like I used to do before the relationship, my yoga classes, catching up with my friends as ever. Things will help the relationship as doing things separately with allowing a bit distance could grow hearts fonder and we will get something else to discuss apart from work.

  • If by any chance things didn’t work as thought of and we broke up, we will do it maturely with complete understanding.

This is the little secret to make it work at your work-place. It is not that difficult though.


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