Honeymoon Vibes


By Afrin Fatima

The Courtship Period -The Big Day – Followed by Rituals – What Next?

The wedding is the most thought of thing in this entire world. People seriously invest a large amount of time in thinking about ins and outs of marriage and the butterflies tickling down in tummy and the excitement to finally be in the arms of your significant other. Before being in the arms, there are so many rituals that take place, especially in India which makes the couple painstakingly tiring to think about anything else than taking rest. But rest is certainly not in the list. After a week of dead tiring helter-skelter, how the married couple is going to have some intimate time alone? In the room which is fenced by hundreds of relatives? Gross-embarrassing it sounds! Then how? Honeymoon, but obviously.

The first trip together as a couple, honeymoon, is the leisure time for them to know each other better and for heaven’s sake, to have some time alone. As it is the first trip for both of them together, nervousness would be on the top of their heads. What will happen, how this trip would end up like? Let’s have a look.

The couple may be super-excited as they would have talked about this zillion times and it really is happening.

The trip will introduce each other’s effete and prankish side.

Lone time means chances to indulge in more sexual activities.

As there is nobody else than both of them, they would learn to chum up with the company they have and would discover more about each other.

The place they would have chosen would be their dream place together, so the place itself will do the magic and make them learn what entices their partner the most.

There will be little squabbles of taking time to get ready, that would end up to be arguments, but it will be fine afterwards, as the husband obviously will have to coax the wife with sweet gestures and he will be forgiven.

It will turn a new leaf in their life as they will learn the kind of person their partner is when it comes to adventure and fun.

They will learn how to team up together and make things work for them; it’s kind of recreational activity.

The trip could turn to be quite boring as it is just two of them to talk and everything.

One of them would have dreamt of coming back to hotel room, kissing-smooching-hugging-tearing apart clothes madly, as seen in movies n all. But in reality, the sight-seeing could be tiring enough to make them sleep as soon as they kiss the bed.

Waking up next morning with a consolation of morning sex, sounds fun.

As the trip comes to its last chapter, the bond seems to strengthen with the couple of days spent in each other’s company.

The love will take new heights till the end of the trip and it will surely be written with golden letters in the book of their life.


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