Marriage… Woaahhh!!! Hell No!!


By Afrin Fatima

Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day.” This is more of a serious topic for women as they are pretty quick with mentioning the topic of marriage than men. It isn’t about to get over with but it is a wish of every woman to marry the guy they are in love with. But the guy here we are talking about may not agree with whatever his woman has to say. Maybe he is not on the same page as you are, maybe he needs some more time or maybe he is keeping you bailed every time. How to find out if the guy is really into marriage thing or not? Let’s focus on his dialogues.

What? Marriage? Why so soon? What’s the rush? Let’s take our own pace of time.

Laughs and chuckles on the word marriage and, “Hey did you get a hairdo, you look splashingly gorgeous.

Marriage? I told you I am a non-believer of marriage, a misogynist (when it comes to marriage). Can we please talk of something else?

She: Hey why don’t you change your relationship status from single to in-relationship?

He: Why? What’s the need of that? Ain’t it sufficient that we both are aware of our relationship? (Trust me if he isn’t doing now, he isn’t going to do it ever.)

She: Can I come over your place this Thanks Giving?

He: Ummm… You know what, it’s a great idea but my parents like it to be a close affair. I don’t want to give them a heart attack on a family day. I hope you understand? (What’s not to understand? He is waving a red flag, that too in your face!)

She: How you look at your life after five years?

He: I don’t know exactly but as a very successful person with a big house… sort of. (Of course he excludes you, as he is NOT PLANNING TO MARRY YOU.)

What else does a woman need to hear from the man she loves, who doesn’t get any sneak-peak to the word marriage in anything he says? You surely are wasting your time on this guy who sees no future of him with you and keeps you on hold for, how long? One year, two years, till what time you will keep waiting for his “Yes.” Grow up, follow the signs he is giving you indirectly and leave him for the sake of your dignity.


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