Some Places in Life Require you to Travel Alone


By Afrin Fatima

The exhaustion of knowing the unknown, the abrosia of the unbeknown embrace, with the topping of travelling alone seems worth the travel as it has its own elixir. The time you get to spend with yourself in a totally unknown surrounding. The courage of stepping out of your comfort zone to confront what comes your way is a step towards liberation. Every soul yearns for a soul-connecting destination to get to know them even better. The places which are truly made for the solo-travellers in every aspect, may it be safety or serenity, here is the list.

Barcelona, Spain

It is mainly for the travellers who are good with their pedalling skills, you have to walk a lot being in Barcelona. From window shopping to wandering to dining alone, this place will keep you bemused with its all-in-one scheme.

Munich, Germany

The tourists are always welcome here and are greeted with a beautiful smile. This place never seems like a first time visit because of the friendly locale. If you want to get a hold of Munich lifestyle then nothing is better than trying its traditional drink, a glühwein (hot mulled wine) stand, Germans hang around the stand, ready to chat (or give recommendations), while warming up over the traditional drink.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

The cobblestone streets to wander through, the city preserved by 6365 feet of archaic walls will leave you awestruck. You can also indulge is kayaking and activities by the beach.

Salzburg, Austria

With the Hohensalzburg Castle atop the hill and Salzach River flowing though the town, it has the most inviting allure of Mozart’s hometown. You can relax in the cafes and sip your coffee taking in the beauty this place has to offer.

Okinawa, Japan

The Japanese hospitality with a hint of American influence gives the tourists a familiarity to the place. This place too is a walkable and you can visit Naminoue city beach, Tsuboya pottery district, and Makishi Public Market and the pull-up-a-chair stands are just perfect for the solo dining.

Varkala, India

Varkala is a coastal town in Kerala which magnificently upholds a cliff that overlooks Arabian Sea. You can enjoy the tranquil ebbs and flowing of the waters by the beach on a hammock and watch the sun sinking down the horizon. The best part of visiting Kerala is the spas and massages offered in this place.



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