Serena Williams is the highest paid female athlete in the world


By Madhusree Chowdhury

In Forbes published list Serena Williams is the highest paid female athlete. Due to her pregnancy after Australian Open in January she is not playing but that did not affect her annual income at all. She tops the Fortune list of 100 highest paid athletes.

She earned $ 27 million within last one year and this is double of any female athlete in the world. The income is not only from her prize money but her international endorsements with brands like Nike, JP Morgan Chase, Intel and many others earns her millions of dollars throughout the year. Serena Williams is no less than Muhammad Ali, Michel Jordan, Usain Bolt. In 2016 Maria Sharapova was the highest paid female athlete but due to drug abuse she was suspended to participate in Grand slams in 2017. Thus Serena Williams tops the list of 100 highest paid athletes in 2017.

From June 2016-June 2107 Serena Williams earned $8 million as prize money and $ 19 million for her endorsement in all international brands of different products.

At the age of 20 in the year 2002 she was the top ranking player. She won almost all the 23 Grand Slams since her start of the career in 2002. From then onwards her total earning against prize money was $ 87 million.

Serena dominated Sharapova continuously in 18 Grand Slams and earned double than her. Serena’s earnings from endorsement were at its high because the companies gathered near her and she thus became the stateswoman of tennis. Till date she has more than 10 endorsements partners and they include JP Morgan Chase, Nike, Beats by Dre, Intel and many more.

Though she has taken a break from her career she is in constant touch with her sponsors and people of business interests. She and her fiancée Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit is expecting their first child after which she will be back in the tennis court in 2018.


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