Take A Dive Into The Vatican, The World’s Smallest Country With These Interesting Facts


By Somya Bansal

The Vatican is far and wide known for its importance as a religious hub for Christianity. But did you know? It also is the world’s smallest country? So small it lies within the city of Rome. Here are some interesting facts you might not know about it-

  1. The Vatican is also known as The Holy See

See’ here translates to “the seat or the office of the bishop”. Hence the term refers to the country because it is supposed to be the office of the Pope.

  1. The Vatican is the home to the world’s largest church

Basilica Papale di San Pietro in Vaticano or St.Peter’s Basilica is the world’s largest church. It is also the most famous work of Renaissance architecture.

  1. The Vatican has its own astronomical department

It is located Arizona, USA, and houses one of the world’s biggest telescope, which is called Vatican Advanced Technology Telescope.

  1. The Vatican has its own postal system

It is complete with its own head post office and stamps. It is considered more efficient than the Italian mail at times.

  1. The Vatican is a UNESCO world heritage site

It is the only place in the world which enjoys the title for an entire country.

  1. The Vatican has the shortest railway system in the world.

It is merely 300 meters and is mostly used for freight.

  1. The Vatican has its own citizenship, but no one is born there

The citizenship is awarded on the basis of one’s work and job status in the church. No birth is officially given citizenship. Due to this, the population of the Vatican is merely 1000 people.


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