The contemporary development story of Sandalwood Film Industry


By Madhusree Chowdhury

Gone are those days when the Kannada film industry produced only 7 or 8 films every year. The number of Kannada film buffs was a handful and belonged to the middle class of the urban areas. Most of the rural areas were ruled by the Tamil and Telugu flicks. Similarly, the northern part of the state preferred Bollywood productions. With the advent of technology and innovations, new talents emerged and changed the pathetic condition of Sandalwood Film Industry into a five-time increase in film production. The Telugu and Tamil productions are not entertained anymore and the craze for Bollywood flicks has been razed.

One of the major factors behind the development of Kannada films is the substantial subsidy provided by the government if 90% of the shooting is done in the state. This benevolent step is taken by the government to attract the producers who indulged in shooting Kannada films in Chennai.

The plan is based on the Telugu government’s initiative where INR 75,000 is allotted for every film. The sum decided for the Kannada productions is INR 50,000. The reason behind the lesser amount is that the Telugu flicks have a big domestic and international market whereas the Kannada works locally.

The government is patronizing the Sandalwood film industry in a positive way. The eminent novelist, Mr. A. N. Krishnarao has deliberately fought for special reservations for Kannada film in the state and to eliminate the dubbing act of Tamil and Telugu films to recover the market for the domestic productions.

Due to immense pressure and upsurge in the support from common people for the movement, the government initiated a subsidy for the home productions. Many noted film enthusiasts and experienced personnel are supporting the production of better films in higher amount in the state soil. ‘Samskara’ is a controversial feature that was produced by a novice team. The aid from the government made the film survived to see daylight. This is the beginning of a good time for the Sandalwood Film Industry.


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