NO!! I am not yet Ready for this Breakup….


By Afrin Fatima

When it comes to sun signs, you can relate to as many things about your personality according to your sun sign. May it be your behaviour, your love life, how intimate you are, and how you react to different situations. Zodiac signs are known to create a pattern in our lives. Every sign has their unique way to react to the situations in their love life. How people take their relationships and what our signs have to say about that, let’s have a look.

Aries are very fickle when it comes to their relationships. They are the kind of people who run head over heels towards what they love and are easily bored with the kind of routine they follow on daily basis. When they undergo a breakup, they hardly think and start hitting on the friend of their ex. This is the way they choose to make it even between them and their ex.

Taurus takes breakup very intensely and has hard times getting over their love. They try real hard to win them back by different ways like writing sad songs and bad poetry to make their ex’s heart melt for them. They usually side line their ego and pride and try whole heartedly to get them back but when they fail in all their attempts, they find peace and solace in the fact that they tried their best.

A sudden breakup or tearing apart without reason is just like an ambush for the Geminis. They find it hard to believe that they don’t have anyone to report about their minute details of how they took time to think over the idea of taking bath. Till the time they do not get someone else to hover on with their details, they keep pestering their ex.

Cancer is the most sensitive when it comes to their breakups. They are the kind of people who come in this world with a permanent tag of “Fragile, handle with care.” It is really an impossible task for them to learn the fact that their love has left them and they cannot understand the reason behind that. So they do what seems best for them, stalk their ex. They do it mostly to haunt themselves with seeing pictures of their ex and how they are taking their life after breakup.

Leo are basically known for their confidante personality. They think they are just perfect for anyone in this world and nothing could go wrong from their end. They are so perfect that they can never make any mistake and their partner should come creeping and weeping to apologize. But when they see no sign of their partner returning back, they are a full on tantrum.

Virgo and their personality is quite practical as they take their own time to indulge in any relationship but if they fall, they will do anything to keep the relationship intact. But if they do breakup due to some reason, they will always be there to help their ex in any manner. As they are known for their helpful nature, they will even help their ex’s family out of their habit.

Libra wants everything around them way beyond perfect even if it is their partner dressed not so well or in a social meeting does something, it makes them feel embarrassed as everything to them is a social event. They are not so much into their partner and if they breakup, it is an easy thing for them to move on.

Scorpios are as deep as dark pitch oceans. Everything for them is really heightened, the way they love – the way they hate, everything. If they find their partner cheating on them, it will not take much of them to plot a trap for them to fall. The aggression makes them to do a lot. The breakups are like purging everything in their range to get rid of the memories of their ex.

Sagittarius are known for locking themselves in the four walls when undergoing a breakup. They totally forget to feed their tummy, find it hard to face the world with their vulnerable appearance. Their friends and family will find it difficult to recognize them.

Capricorns are good with reckoning and defraying all the valuables given or gifted by their ex. If they are hurting, they want their ex to be more hurt by seeing all the emblems of their love. They will think of the times they tried their best to go on with the relationship but when nothing such happens, they go broke and literally hurt of the breakup.

Aquarius follows no rule in life. If they undergo breakup, the most likely step they take is to woo their ex’s friend and make them believe how perfect they are and would incline towards them by showing them the sign of “single” on their forehead. They are known for their manipulative tactics and it will be a cake walk for them to turn the friend against their ex.

Pisces could go beyond the definition of mean-ness when it comes to be even in their breakup. They are good with plotting against their ex and they can get really sulky and cranky. Nothing they do makes sense and it is just the outburst of their broken heart.


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