Date-Shate… Keep a Clean Slate


By Afrin Fatima

There is a surge of adrenalin rush when it is about talking to someone for the very first time. May it be telephonic or face to face, the sweat will surely twitch your palm. It is the rush of 911; you will talk to someone close to make you feel better. Hey, I am going on my first date and I totally am going bizarre of what to do? I have no idea how I am gonna face this so anew person whom I hardly know. Everyone goes through such phase and it is normal to panic. Here are some questions to begin with the conversation which won’t lead to a boring end.

When you meet and looking for questions to ask, go simple, ask simple questions like from where you hail, from where you completed your schooling and stuff. It would give you leads to get into the conversation. You went to this school, so did my cousin. See, it’s not that difficult.

When you’re done with the initials, done with ordering drinks, next step is to go for the likes and dislikes. What you love to do in your spare time? Are you a TV person or a movie one? It will again lead you to many more questions.

Search for what interests your date because when a person talks about their passion, they know where to stop and you will come to know a lot about them as the conversation wears on.

Talk about the music interests, and many other interests than hobbies and you will be good to go.

Talk through the trips and the desired trips and what to do in future?

What boils the curiosity is leaving the other person with some suspense and they would be agog to walk them through that. This is how you again got something to talk about.

It is best to make the other person comfortable to conversations and the date will go on smoothly.

Dates are not some foreign things to make you feel an alien but it’s just a way to know someone better if it is the matter of reaching a higher level in intimacy. It is the same conversation as usual that needs the other person to feel completely comfortable to indulge in it.


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