We’re Good to go Viral…!


By Afrin Fatima

“Commitment is the foundation of trust between you and your partner.” Without commitment, you cannot have depth of anything, whether it is relationship or business or a hobby. The first and foremost step to initiate anything is to commit yourself truly to it because it is what transforms a promise into reality. You don’t fall into love but commit to it, so what are the perfect signs which manifest that your love is on lock? Look for these signs and you will know.

Your partner is in your phone saved with their actual name, not some pseudo name.

Your family and friends are fully aware of your partner’s existence and they keep asking you questions related to them.

You both have exchanged passwords of your social media accounts, which is the most important sign of progressing intimacy.

When you both are on call, time slips away and you lost track of time because you’re so much into each other that you hardly pay heed to time.

The first person who clicks your mind when you have an urge to spill some beans is your partner.

You are confident enough to announce your relationship on facebook, this is something serious and till the time you’re not confident about your commitment, you won’t go public.

You will be open to talk about anything to everything, whether it concerns future and what aspects you both exchange about life or kids or security or plans related to aforesaid.

You don’t turn into Sherlock Holmes and investigate your own partner for crime like felony but you stay you because you trust them.

You want to invest each and every minute/second of your life in them as staying apart tears your heart down.

If you undergo such symptoms then for sure you are diagnosed of “Loveria” and you are all set to take your relationship to the lock down level. Kudos for keeping up with your partner and loving them with all your heart.


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