“Some superheroes wear a cape and some wear a crown and heels.”


By Afrin Fatima

Something different, something extraordinary happened when Nitasha Biswas of Kolkata, introduced us with a brand new title, she was crowned Miss Trans Queen India 2017. She was the winner of the first beauty pageant for transwomen in the country.

India celebrated one of its kind beauty and gender deliquescence where 16 transwomen across the country illuminated the ramp with their glamour to sack the title. Nitasha walked flawlessly up to take the title and to break the stereotype of viewing beauty in binary terms of male and female with the line playing in background, “Don’t be a drag, just be a queen.” The queen told the media, “When I first decided to do this, I got a lot of criticism from all corners. People called me all sorts of things and questioned my sexuality and gender. They said I am a transwoman, a lesbian, a bisexual, and that is why I’m doing this.” You surely did this and nailed it!!

Her journey started when she decided to move to Delhi and pursue modelling a year ago. From the very young age she knew about the disorder she had and she made up her mind to change her condition but she also had to complete her basic education. She lost her mother in her early years and she had her father who played the role of both father and mother for her. When she decided to undergo transformation, it was quite hard for her father to accept the fact and there was minimal conversation between them.

She also told that the transformation too was not an easy thing as the Hormone Replacement Therapy leaves you with physical and emotional toll. The body has both the male and female attributes and the chaos and confusion leaves you agitated and non-social. She didn’t step out of her home for months and it was a lone struggle. Amidst the transformation she lost many friends and family but what made her stand tall was her belief in herself. Limelight undoubtedly followed her after all the struggle and she won the pageant in the presence of her father and brother.

She winded up with saying, ““I am not asking for any rights from any of you, by doing that I will be automatically put you on a higher pedestal. The rights you have, I have too. Let’s just learn to open our hearts and accept.”


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