Shut Up!! I am a Mom!!


By Afrin Fatima

Do you even imagine how it is to be a new-mom? After even delivering a healthy baby, the belly still obtrudes and if, by any chance, someone asks about the due-date, it is on and all heart wrenching. There are days when you totally lose track of time and you wouldn’t have set foot outside. But all the post-pregnancy-melancholy brushes away when you look at you new-born, sleeping mellowly in its crib or in your arms. Nothing could suffice the feeling as such in this entire world. But then again, being a full-time mom is one boring and tiring job. This is how new-moms can help themselves with passing time amidst.

It is said you should start reading to the kids the second they are born, this keeps the crying-monster in them at bay.

Take a walk with the baby in your arms. Put the baby in the crib. When the baby starts to cry, put the baby in the swing. Take the baby out of the swing. Put the baby in the bouncy chair. Take the baby out of the bouncy chair. Now make this a routine for an entire day. Let’s face it, you need an escape!

Keep showing your breasts to your child and your baby would be some-what happy.

Make your baby look like a live-exhibition piece with shedding them with fancy-funny-sun-moon-potato dresses.

The first and foremost rule of leaving the house with a baby is to never leave the house with a baby. Else it would be poop to smell more often.

Be the Beyonce of mother-hood and crank up the duo while playing Lemonade and sing your way through the entire lyrics.

Stand in front of the mirror holding your kid and say, “Look who it is!” In a bit amplified voice. You will get used to the raising voice, Lady!

Nobody cares if you’re stinking beneath your clothes till the time your baby is ever glowing. Giving a bath to your kid will surely kill a lot of time, which is even worth it.

Ladies out there, being a mom is not an easy task. It is an austerity and will surely reward you at some point of time. So, don’t lose hope and keep going. Your kid in your arms is nothing less than bliss.


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