What to do for your next vacation?


By Somya Bansal

Are you also thinking about what to do for your next vacation? Want something more than just to explore the places you visit? There is a way you can learn more about the place and experience the same. You can try different kinds places where you could holiday and even learn something out there. Here are few of the ideas for you to consider for your next holiday.

River cruising

Going for a boat ride might sound exciting for few hours but what if you could stay on it for days and travel and watch the most amazing sunsets? Try river cruising instead of an evening boat ride. You can also rent a private one or could opt for the ones where you can spend your nights with amazing strangers drinking and singing amidst the water.

Yoga and healing retreats

Rather than spending a bomb on a five-star hotel or resort, try booking your stay at a Yoga retreat for a rejuvenating feel. Let your body relax and refresh your mind with their Yoga routines.

Do some good while vacationing

If you’re travelling to a remote area or to another country, try helping the locales or underprivileged. The joy of bringing smile on somebody’s face will make you feel happy and content with life.

Ride a train

Take a long ride in a vintage train going to wonderful locations and even learn about the steam engines and about similarly different trains as well.


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