Avoid these food before you head for a workout


By Somya Bansal

Well, having a healthy body and mind doesn’t come so easy. You have to make sure you’re taking good care of it. To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your workout here are few of the foods that you should avoid right before working out.

Fried food with cheese

Obviously, one shouldn’t eat fried stuff anyway to live a healthy life especially if its from a eatery or a food joint. These are uneasy to digest and gives a feeling of lethargy and bloating while working out.

Unnaturally sweetened aerated drinks

The gases in these drinks causes your stomach to expand and even cause cramps. It may affect your bowel movements too sometimes. Packaged juices are also a strict No-No before a workout as they also act in a similar way.


Aah, the sweet heavenly desserts! But NO! The fats and carbohydrates provided by them don’t only give you a sugar rush but are also difficult to cut loose later.

The fibre rich beans

Fibre can cause bloating, irritation and indigestion. Though it is high in protein but it can be harmful for you when you sweat it out.

Dairy products

The milk and dairy products contains lactose which can cause intestinal cramping during your workout session.


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