Things couples should do together on a weekend


By Somya Bansal

If you’ve been working five to six days a week, you definitely need a day to relax and also you would want to spend some quality time with your partner. Here we’ve got few things that you both could do together for a fun and relaxing weekend.

Try to take a walk around the neighbourhood

Eplore the areas where you have never been to in and around the places where you stay. Try a quaint little eatery around or shop at the local stores. Trust me, it will be a lot better way of spending some time rather than just binge-watching Netflix shows.

Register yourself for a theatre show

Everyone should at least once in their lifetime watch a live theatre performance. The feeling of a character coming alive in front of you will leave you in awe and if you’re watching it with your significant other then you cannot ask for more. You can even watch a street play at the corner of your house. Enjoy and connect to the artists and maybe they could be telling your story one day.

Museum Tour

Plan a museum tour for the day and indulge in the history together. You can even pack your lunch basket and go for a mini picnic after the tour.

Have a cooking competition

Cook together or have cooking competition for a fun and relax day. You can even bake cookies and cakes. Savour the food once y’all are done. Cook together, Stay together!

Just get drunk

Make some delectable cocktails at home, get a little tipsy and dance around the house while playing your favourite music.


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