BiG B Called-Off his Birthday Celebrations


By Afrin Fatima

The legend, the Shehenshah of Bollywood, Big B, megastar Amitabh Bachchan turned 75 on Oct 11 but the birthday celebrations were more of a dim light this year. He said in one of his tweets, “India thrash Australia in T20, Pink Panthers' extraordinary convincing win, thunderstorm cancels shoot, 30 million on Twitter, and just for your information… no Diwali celebration this year.” Whence no reason did come forward of not celebrating his birthday as well as Diwali, but Aishwarya’s father passed away this March after days of illness. That may be one reason.
The family flew off to Maldives for a family vacation to make it a close affair of near and
dear ones. He did share a thank you note for all the wishes flooding his way on his Big Day
saying, “T 2575 – My joy and delight in all that have wished me is beyond expression … I
thank them all.. Individually.. would take some time.”
He wrote a blog on his birthday celebrations with quite an elaboration in which he said that
when you are blooming, when you are in your childhood, you love the ecstasy of your big
day, you like the way everyone treats you specially, the way you gather wishes and greetings in every minute of that day and the way you are excited to taste the newly stitched threads of your brand new dress. All it gets a bit overwhelming. But as you experience life and its true meaning, you run away from all the possible attention that your big day commemorates. You want to indulge in small-simple- pristine celebration with all those near and dear to you.
He further wrote down that once you kick down one more year from your life, you are closer to kick the bucket. There comes the fear of losing yourself and such fear is really frightening.
Every life affects the people around, every single person weaves an intangible connection
with the ones around and when that life collapses, the others connected to that life get
affected too. Life is so uncertain and unpredictable that what is going to happen the next
second can’t be said. We all are pulled together with some kind of eternal force and when one gets loose, the others too lose their grip and collapse. This is what brings chill to the deep of the bones but this what the reality is, this is what life is all about.


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