New Body Under Construction


By Afrin Fatima

“Kuch toh log kahenge….Logon ka kaam hai kehna….” Even if it is about keeping yourself
healthy and fit by going to gym, then also people won’t stop pestering you. First get tired and soaked in sweat at gym and then go anywhere and get tired of what people have to say. This would relate to all the girls out there who keep themselves fit and skinny, and there are some statements which they are quite familiar of. Let’s hear for them.
You joined the gym? Wow! Excellent! Here’s what I think about gym-ing, once you stop
doing the workout, you will just land back to zero.
Hey! Why on earth do you want a body so man-ish, are you not happy in the skin you are
right now? (The only reason I started working out is that I am not happy with my lumpy skin.
So yes, I definitely am not happy!)
Ohh!! My!! God!! Are you really going to eat that plate of greens? How do you do that? Is
there an exercise to manipulate you to eat all that?
Come on… Just one drink down won’t make you a big-fat- mommy. You’re no fun at all!
Good Heavens!! Stick up your gym-selfies on your forehead rather than on facebook. No one cares!! (But your acerbic words did tell that you care.)
Do you need my help lifting that up, are you sure you can lift that much of weight?
Are you going to eat all that food? Like, right now?
The only place you live in for your entire life is your body. But sometimes people call work-
out as a crime, as if working out is something alien and people can’t get through the concept of gym and work-out. It’s a no-offence write for all those who are against gym-concept. But anything that keeps you happy and healthy at the same time, is worth a try.


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