Various reasons as to why do we celebrate Diwali!


By Somya Bansal

We all love this festive season and why shouldn’t we? We get to wear such amazing clothes, the glittering lights all around the town and houses and the most importantly we get to have such appetising sweets. But do you know why do we celebrate Diwali? Yes, I know because Lord Rama returned to his kingdom after defeating Ravana and completing his 14 years of exile but there are a lot more reasons that are believed to be true:

  1. One of the main Pooja during this festive is of the Goddess Laxmi. The Laxmi Pooja is done in order to celebrate the Goddess’s birthday as she was incarnated on Amaavasyaa in this month.
  2. Another reason to celebrate Diwali is the coronation of the Hindu king, Vikramaditya, making Diwali a historical event.
  3. In Mahabarata, Krishna killed Narakaasur on this auspicious day of the Karthik month according to the Hindu calendar.
  4. Another incident mentioned in Mahabarata is that the Pandavas too returned from their exile on the new moon day of Karthik month.
  5. Lord Vishnu rescued his wife Goddess Laxmi from the prison of King Bali and hence she is worshipped on this day.


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