Things to remember before going for a double date


Stuck between a scheduled date night and an impromptu plan with an old-friend couple asking to meet? Double date night won’t be a bad idea. But make sure to remember these rules before you head for the double date.

  • Make sure your partner is okay with the other couple. Run it by your partner before you make any concrete plans with them.
  • Include everybody in the conversation or participate in a group activity so that no one feels left out.
  • Cut the PDA to a minimal level. Nobody wants to see it anyway.
  • Don’t start fighting over silly things in front of the other couple. It doesn’t get more awkward than that.
  • Don’t get drunk alone. If you’re ordering, order for everybody. Nothing ruins a night taking care of a drunk person.
  • Meet at the place so that at the end of the night everybody gets to go home without anyone being a designated driver.


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