Lets grow out of these


By Alisha Nazareth

Let’s not get picky on everything in life even though its good to be picky on certain things. When it comes to life partner or getting into a relationship there is a tendency of placing physical looks first and then the personality. Why? because what will your friends say when you get your partner along at any social event.  Scared of the Judgemental behaviour of society aren’t you? Its high time for you to get out of these :

1. He’s shorter than me / she’s taller than me : Just because princess diaries had a tall prince so that his princess could go tippy toe kiss him we all imagine this to be an ideal couple image.
2. Age gap: Well if Saif Ali khan, Milind Soman can consider age as just a number then why can’t you. Ignore the age difference and focus on the love you have for each other.
3. Physical disability: Daredevil was blind but he’s our superhero. Disability is in the mind of a person and if you love somebody, their lack of a sense organ or a physical organ won’t be a huge obstacle that you won’t be able to handle together.
4. He is not on social media: If he isn’t socially active then he has more time for you. So keep the buzzing phone aside and just be together.
The next time you come across such a situation; just give them a chance. You never know where things can go until you live it.


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