I will shoot these Lovers if got a Chance. P.S. I am Single


By Afrin Fatima

P.D.A. or Public Displays of Affection is becoming more of a fashion quotient, people hop
on to almost all kinds of social media sites to express their love and affection. Guys!! Did
getting a room didn’t work well or what, that you need to make a move on Facebook rather
than a face-look? Or… Or there is nothing that goes well in the four walls that you anchor
your feelings on the timeline-walls? Guys! Please! It’s not like we single people are against
love or something but it chokes our heart, it burns our heart and churns the feeling of single-hood. Single people for sure do not like many a thing couple do in public, like:
Spoon-feeding is top most in the list. Guys just grow up! It seems ok till kindergarten but notat all ok in a king-size garden.
The couples out there, there is no need to share zillions of stories of how your love is
blooming, somethings are good to go as a skeleton in the cupboard.
That look when a guy/girl looks at their partner same as a cat looks at its tuna-meal, and
saying I am gonna eat, no…no… swallow it down in just one gulp. Guys it’s not at all
adorable. Note that!! It’s Not Adorable!!
The couples hunt down the singles around them and kill them slowly with their relationship
If we, as single humans, call our friend for any sort of party, they always make an entry with their “plus one.” They believe in not splitting for even a split second.
Texting each other all the time when not together. Ewww!! It’s so clingy!! All the singles out there feel suffocated with such exaggerated PDA.
When, by any chance, not with their significant other, they keep on talking about how much they love them and all the details, please note, minute details to entail. I mean, who on earth does that? People in love do that, yes they do that!
It is not an offensive write to pick lovers out there, every couple is adorable in their own
unique ways but it is the crescendoing silence of a single person, who too wants to be loved and cuddled the same way. But they find themselves alone and cringe the feeling of being like that.


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