When we grow up… Our Parents grow Old


By Afrin Fatima

“I think being a parent is knowing how to love. Sometimes love is discipline, or it’s humour,
or it’s listening.” Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and
forgiving. They put their life in nurturing their little ones and in return they expect nothing.
They are the ultimate givers when comes to showering love on their children. We, as kids can never do even a ‘smidge’ of what they would have done and sacrificed for our sake. But there is something we can do and that is to make them feel special ever now and then. Like by doing these little things.
Ask your mom to take a break from kitchen and prepare supper for them.
Our father is the one who takes care of the entire family, so let’s give him a treat of massage when he comes back from office.
Our parents want nothing but respect. So cloudburst them with an ample of respect.
Keep the weather between you and your parents cool, take out time to talk to them once in a day.
Admit it, nobody says no to gifts, even if it is our parents. Take them with surprise gifts, the smile on their face thereafter will sooth your soul.
Everyone is quite busy in their lives, so whenever you’re around your parents, help them in
their chores and always support them.
Family outing is not a bad idea. Take them out for dinner or picnic. It will surely make your
bond stronger with them.
No matter how much we do for our parents, that would never be enough. So always be open to conversations, keep making efforts to make them happy and if by any chance you hurt them, apologise for your behaviour and tell them how much you love them. Guys, they are our parents, and they expect nothing but us to be there for them. So never forget to tell them that you are there, always.


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