Signs you’re in a miserable marriage


By Somya Bansal

Ladies, you have to back me up on this as all of us have imagined our wedding day since childhood and cannot forget even a single moment when it actually happens. You can deny and be cool about it but its true. However, sometimes that same day becomes a nightmare and you keep thinking to yourself that is everything okay. Maybe, everything is not okay. Maybe you’re trying to make yourself feel better when evidently something is wrong with your marriage. Let’s be clear while studying these signs in a marriage and know if you’re on the verge of entering into a miserable marriage or are already in one.

  • One of the earliest signs is when you stop being honest to each other and start hiding things. The moment you stop being yourself with each other and act all fine in front of others is the moment you should realise something is definitely not right.
  • You feel a void. A void waiting to be filled by love and affection. Even after being together for years, you crave for love and have to beg for it.
  • You are afraid to be not together and have made up several times after a fight and have lost count of it. The fights have become so intense that it could feature in a Hindi soap opera.
  • You don’t like to spend time together and what’s the point of any relationship when you just cannot see them only.
  • No sex life. You cannot remember the last time you had been together or have done something romantic for each other.

So look out for these signs and if you can work on it together then what could be better and if not then just let yourselves free.


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