Things to avoid while ending a relationship


Deciding to end a relationship with someone you’ve loved can be a life-altering task. Many people try to avoid the conversation by behaving strangely around their partners so that they could get the latter to breakup with them. They at least deserve a single conversation about it.  So just to avoid all the extra drama (extra because the main drama is the drama that led to this breakup drama. Quite dramatic right?) scroll down to read a few tips and pointers about the things to dodge while ending a relationship. These might save your time and life. Literally.

Keep Away From Bitching

Nobody likes it when someone bitches or speaks ill about them and more when you were so close to them. (Unless you’re talking to your best friend then make sure that your story contains a prologue, mysterious characters, plot twists, a murder, climax and an epilogue.)

Be Honest

Don’t say that it is you who is at fault because yeah, right! you have been a saint all your life.

Do it in person

Breaking up over a text is the worst thing you could do to a person. Instead, meet them in person and clear things out. Speak your mind. (Unless he/she is a psychopath, then book the first flight to Peru, send your breakup text, change your name and stay there.)

Never date their best friend

Because you know…it could be injurious to health and probably they know how to hide a body.

Choose your geographic location carefully

For example, never do it in a kitchen especially when he/she is chopping onions because onions look good when chopped not humans.

Don’t be a Ghost

For y’all who don’t know what Ghosting is – it is a way of ending a personal relationship without any explanation or communication.

Do not compare your breakups 

Never explain the reason of your break up by comparing it to your previous one because one day they might become friends!


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