Behind every successful man, there isn’t always just a woman..


By Somya Bansal

Behind every successful man, there’s a woman. True, but there are certainly more than just a single person adding to their success. For example, your parents, teachers also put in their best for you to achieve great results in your exams. Similarly, life offers us such kind of people who will help us climb the ladder and be our support system. Read the kind of people we actually need to surround ourselves with in order to get ahead in life.

The Guru

The one person who teaches us the value of life and ourselves and yes, of course the teachings of inspiration and motivations. They show you path of learning and growing through various acts. This person can be anybody or everybody that teaches you something. It can be Geometry or how to cook chicken.

Vishwas karne wala

A person who believes in you even when you don’t. The belief and faith they show in you will definitely boost up you energy levels thinking about doing the task not just for yourself but more importantly for them.

Who gives the little push that we need

Being on the edge of doing something and not being able to take that one step ahead is where the pusher comes in. They will introduce you to how to communicate your thoughts to others with kindness and patience.

The 2 AM call person

When you need that pep talk or just want to vent out when things aren’t going your way or as they were planned, this person is always there to listen to you patiently. They even wouldn’t be just Yes person but will have their best interest for you even when they wouldn’t agree to you.


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