Six habits you need to adapt for a better version of yourself


By Somya Bansal

You know why Mark Zuckerberg wears the same t-shirt every day? So that he doesn’t have to waste his time on thinking about what to wear to work today. These little habits do make for a lot and how successful you are or can be in life.

Speak straight

Don’t tie the thread round and round the tree instead just be as transparent and honest about everything. Your colleagues will appreciate the honesty and will increase the outcome as well.

Be Grateful

Be grateful to what you have always. You never know when somebody else might take it away from you and you’ll keep wondering about what if!

Don’t worry too much

Take a moment to relax in such situations and think about the possibilities. Worrying wouldn’t solve the problem instead be happy and merry and feel wealthy more than you do.


Cannot stretch this one enough. Reading inspirational texts increase your ability to be happy by more than 10 percent. In fact, statistics shows that a person who reads six to seven books per year is more likely to become a millionaire than those who just read three to four.

Keep the curiosity alive

Never stop learning. Don’t kill the curiosity. Keep it alive. Learning process should keep on going with this changing world. FOMO is real and you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything.

Make time for yourself

Spend some time with yourself and clear your thoughts. Solitude is not overrated. People who do are found happier than before and happier than others.



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