“Under the influence of good music…”


By Somya Bansal

Clock’s ticking..deadline’s approaching..hands trembling..feet tapping.. Its time for some beats to upbeat your work. Whether it is classical or EDM or pop music, it is a way to increase your productivity at work.

Makes everything flowy

Okay not flowy.. but yes, it provides a certain flow to your work and increases concentration. Loose yourself into the music and get into that zone for more faster and better results.

Blocks that jibber jabber

Sometimes you need to do what you have to in order to meet the deadline but your colleagues can’t seem to shut up about last night’s party. Well, headphones and music to the rescue. Listen to your favourite music to keep yourself away from the distractions.

Makes work more enjoyable

Sometimes our jobs do get monotonous, dull and boring and music makes these drudgery tasks of copying and pasting and creating those same excel sheets daily more fun and enjoyable.

Mood Lifter

This one is no surprise in this one. Music does enlightens your mood instantly and not just at work but whenever you need, it never disappoints.

Say bye-bye to loneliness

Few places are quiet and tends to get lonely sometimes. In places like these music can be your buddy with whom you go out for lunch or chai-sutta breaks.


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