Don’t Cage them!! Your Kids are meant to Soar High!!


By Afrin Fatima

“How are you holding up?
Yeah I am good… ummm… fine.
Did you apply for local university and colleges or were just focusing out of town?
No, not yet. I need some time to think.
That’s OK but don’t take too long that you lose a seat here in the university.
I wished to take admission in a well-reputed college not to juggle up here! I wanted to go out and explore my limitations and boundaries but my parents are afraid enough to set me free.”
This is an ugly reality when parents don’t let go of their children to make them seek their
own path. Here are the reasons why children after their schooling should move out and live
on their own.
They tend to mold themselves according to the situations and adaptation capability makes
them way more adjusting.
They break through their comfort zone and become capable of living on their own.
While they leave they still are in the teens and this makes them a responsible person in early age.
The daily chores will be like a piece of cake for them as they are used to do all that on a daily basis.
Being in a different city is like where they live with the people around with different beliefs
and thought processes. This surely broadens one’s thinking.
Living on their own leaves them with an open-mind and they usher everything new as a
challenge not a headache.
They are the in-charge of their own doings and thus they become mature enough to tackle
any situation on their own.
Children should move out and live on their own at a certain point of time as it gives them an opportunity to explore the world beyond the four walls they have spent their childhood in.


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