Some Sappy Dialogues By PM Modi


By Afrin Fatima

Whipping out quotes after quotes in the wittiest and quirkiest way is an art and the one who beholds the copyright of such spontaneity is none other than PM Modi. When it comes to public speaking PM Modi is always at his oratorical best. Here are some of his hope and
development messages and his dig on the political opponents in most explicit way.
1. “Our ancestors used to play with snakes but we play with a ‘mouse.’ Our youngsters
make the world dance with a flick of a mouse.”
2. “To NRIs; you may not have voted, but when the results came out, I am sure you all
3. “In these elections, opinion makers failed to make opinions. In fact, India’s poor,
illiterate and down-trodden made an opinion out of the opinion makers.”
4. “Winning an election doesn’t mean getting to sit on a chair. Winning an election is
taking on a responsibility.”
5. “America is the world’s oldest democracy. India is the world’s largest democracy.
People from from all over the world came and settled in America and Indians have
gone and settled all over the world.”
6. “Previous governments used to boast about making laws. This law, that law. Well, I
am going to do something different. I’m going to get rid of as many old and useless
laws and rules as I can.”
7. “I’m a small man. I like working for the welfare of small people. But because I am
small, I have guts to do big things for small people.”
8. “If I were supposed to do easy things, then I would not have been elected Prime
Minister. I’ve become Prime Minister to do difficult stuff.”
9. “You must have read it in the news. Civil servants in India are coming to work on
time these days. Can you believe this is actually news?”
10. “An auto-rickshaw in Ahmedabad will charge you about Rs. 10/km. But we got to
Mars at a rate of about Rs. 7/km.”


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