Things which are not taught to parents


By Somya Bansal

My phone beeped and I, without opening my eyes, tried to look for it around the bed. Dabbing my hands on the bed above my head, I found the phone below my pillowcase. With the phone in my right hand, I try to open my eyes and look at the blinking screen. It had a message from my mother with a screenshot of an article she was reading. The headline said, “Things which were not taught to students”. This triggered my brain. As I write this article, of course with just a year into the professional world, the things in that article were few of those which I actually learned over the course of my till now short professional career.

But when you think about the years you’ve spent living at home, you will realise that there were few things which your parents should’ve known or supported you for it. For instance, for the first fifteen years of my life I wasn’t allowed to wear my Pajayma set inside the house apart from my own room. Sounds like a first world issue? But its true. You can disagree with me.

Lets just see few things that I wish my parents were taught about earlier.

Pay Attention

Now y’all will be like that they do but here I am talking about paying attention to little details as to how do parents make children feel about themselves. Even when the children have done something wrong, don’t make them feel like a criminal. Talk to them and understand what led to this certain behaviour and let them know it is okay to make a mistake. After all, mistakes are a part of the learning process.

Stop the blame game

When a situation goes wrong don’t start the blame game immediately. Try to understand the root cause of the problem and make them understand as to why and how the situation could’ve gone a certain way, the right way.

Tell Tales

Listening to stories increases their imagine and what better way to tell them funny and interesting stories that do the same. Its a bonus if the story has a strong powerful and empowering message.

Set an example

I cannot stretch this enough. Show them what you want them to be. It will not only encourage good behaviour but will imbibe some really great values within them.

Observe before Thinking

Observe how and how much your actions and words affect those around you. Similarly, they will impact your children as well.

Well, these were just based on what I believe is lacking in the urbane world parenting. You can disagree. But all a child need is somebody who believes in them and lots of chocolate love, of course!


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