How to spend an Eco-Friendly Holiday


By Afrin Fatima

Going on a vacation? Reservations? Check. Hotel bookings? Check. Is it going to be an eco-friendly trip? Check? No? Wondering how come a holiday can be eco-friendly? Let’s pour some light on it.

How many times have you checked into a hotel and made it an environmental friendly visit? Still wondering how it works, cut-short your demands on fresh towels and clean sheets even when they are quite clean for you to dab your face and keep you warm. It can save a lot of water from getting wasted on unnecessary cleaning.

Mostly people love to keep the toiletries for themselves as the cute little bottles are such a keeper. But if we avoid it, those bottles will get refilled rather than using new for the same room. If we start with this change, it will definitely make quite a difference.

Switch off the power buttons when not in use as we have so many villages in our country that survive without electricity, even now.

Avoid keeping the tap open and water running unnecessarily. If we save water now, then only our next generations will get hold of it.

Rather than hiring a car for accommodation, take public transportations and save earth from getting even a percent polluted.

If we start to make slight changes in our habits, we will certainly do a big favor to our planet. Little steps can make a big difference. Our planet has given us abundance of everything and what we do clutter it, pollute it and destroy it. Now, it is our turn to return a small favor and make everyday a bit of eco-friendly for us.


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