“Love, but do not fall in it”


By Afrin Fatima

“Don’t forget to love yourself while you embrace the idea of loving someone else.” When love flea-flies full-fledged-ly in the air, any lover tries to stand tall on their partners’ expectations and without knowing they keep modulating themselves according to their partners’ needs. Then the time comes when they stand in front of the mirror and don’t recognize the reflection, that is the wakeup call for some, while most of them are quite OK with living that reflection. But its utmost important to not lose yourself while being in love and how to do that? Let’s find it out.

Never sacrifice your girls’ timeout for the sake of your blooming relationship. Take out time for your friends that too without your partner.

Do not make your hobbies and interests a secondary priority and left them to be covered with dust.

Be a confidant, as you know yourself better than anyone and do not let yourself to be taken for granted. Compromising is not something that comes as a complementary with “Love Hamper.”

Do not just start to see yourself beside him in your own establishment. Make your own identity and live up to your dreams, no matter how influential your partner is.

Your personal space is as sacred as worshipping itself. So never compromise with it and always try to find some lone time to get to know yourself even better.

There is nothing more blissful than falling in love but to not prioritizing your own self amidst that is totally unfair. Do not bend till that extent that you break and refuse to accept the end results. If you stop giving importance to your own reflection, time will come when your own reflection refuses to walk with you.


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