Say Cha-Cha-Cha to your Bad Mood


By Afrin Fatima

Bad mood is just like a foreign language, you don’t understand anything being said to you when you’re boiling at a very high temperature. Now, how to learn this foreign language? As you can’t run away from it, so it’s better to cross that bridge when you come to it. How to do it? What is the mantra of letting anger thaw away? Let’s learn to feel happy-chirpy in just no time.

  • Take deep breaths and it will bring you back to normal.
  • Do something good, a good deed, for instance. Make someone happy and you will feel a surge of peace and tranquility from within.
  • For many girls out there, shopping can heal almost everything. Go for a smart shop and come back home with the happy bags hanging by your wrists.
  • Do what make you happy, if you’re a writer, write something, if reader then read something. Or do something that enlightens you.
  • Dance your way through your home. This will help you keep sane in the insane situations.
  • On and all, find peace and calm and you will burn away all the bad mood in just a snap. Do not lose track of yourself or it will become from bad to worse.


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